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Where Your Money Goes

Where the U.S. Local Church Expense Dollars Go

The cost of our Christ-centered global ministry is significant, but it is only a tiny portion of our local church budget. Of every $1,000 given in offering: 

  • $854 stays in the local church
  • $119 goes to jurisdictions: annual conferences and districts
  • $21 goes to general apportionments;
  • $5 goes to other general funds.

 (Your church's expense figures will vary. depending on your support of annual conference benevolences.) General Council on Finance and Administration data, May 2010.  

In 2008, United Methodists in the United States

  • gave $5.36 billion for local church expenditures including program and operating expenses, pastor salaries and expenses, debt payment and benevolences paid directly to the local church;
  • gave $750 million for jurisdictional, area, annual conference and district clergy support, administration and benevolences;
  • contributed $133 million for general apportioned benevolences, clergy support and administration, including $70.5 million for World Service, the basic program and benevolence fund;
  • donated and additional $32 million to other general benevolences including The Advance and World Service Specials.

Local congregations gave a total of $6.27 billion for all purposes in 2008.
These statistics were the most recent available at the time of publishing.