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Committed to The UMC

How can I remain in The UMC?

If you are a member of The United Methodist Church (The UMC), you’ll remain one until you make a choice to transfer your membership to another church.

As a global denomination, our connection is having conversations about church law, mainly around the issue of human sexuality, and some congregations and individuals have chosen to splinter off into other denominations. This does not have to impact the membership of those who wish to stay United Methodist.

Keep scrolling to find information for those committed to The UMC. Please visit this page regularly to explore the latest resources as they emerge.

Our faith can hold us up in the midst of grief, sadness and worry. Photo illustration by Kathleen Barry, United Methodist Communications.

You're not alone in your grief.

As discussions of local church disaffiliations become more common across our connection, many are grieving the idea of change, of parting ways with friends who choose to splinter off, or of losing the faith home in which their family has thrived for generations.

This is especially true in congregations where there is a difference of opinion about whether their local church should remain in The UMC or disaffiliate.

Find Comfort

Don’t want to leave The UMC? Don’t.

Many congregations have found a way to respectfully rise above differences of opinion and focus on the mission and ministry that unites them.

Other congregations are at an impasse. In this case, it isn’t unlikely that one group will organize a movement to lead the congregation as a whole toward disaffiliation. This leaves many in the congregation who do not wish to disaffiliate asking the question, “What do I do? How can I remain in The United Methodist Church?”

The answer: Amplify your voice!


Our connection is strong and enduring

If your congregation does vote to pursue disaffiliation and you do not wish to follow, rely on our denomination’s connectional system to help you find a local church that is remaining United Methodist. These vibrant communities of faith will welcome you to worship, serve and grow among them.


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