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Online Course: Hope and Justice for Creation

24 - 6

Apr 2023 - May 2023

12:00 AM - 12:00 PM

GMT -6:00 Central Time

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In the beginning, God created…humans in God’s image, and gave them dominion among all the creatures of God’s creation.” What does that mean for us Christians in 2023? Does God care how we live on the earth? Is how we treat the planet and its human and non-human inhabitants only about politics, or is it primarily a spiritual issue? Is it just a private lifestyle matter, or should our churches “go green” as well? And if so, how do we start? This course provides facts, inspiration, and practical help in beginning such change, leveraging small personal and congregational steps to enable bigger leaps in living lightly on the earth for the sake of loving God and loving our neighbors, doing no harm, doing good, and staying in love with God.

Type of Event: Other UM-related Organizations
Intended Audience: All
Event Sponsor: Annual Conference - Great Plains
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