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Online Course: God's Mission; Our Journey

23 - 4

Jan 2023 - Feb 2023

12:00 AM - 12:00 PM

GMT -6:00 Central Time

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The theology, cultural preparation, practicalities, and partnership resources for mission journeys around the world or around the corner. Mission opportunities come in all sizes and comfort levels for all ages of participants! Whether you are participating in your first mission journey, working toward leading one, or want to stay home and support others in making a real difference for God’s work in mission partnerships or in any cross-cultural engagement, this course will help you and your team launch a truly helpful mission effort. It begins with U.S. volunteers in mind, but everyone is welcome.

Type of Event: Other UM-related Organizations
Intended Audience: All
Event Sponsor: Annual Conference - Great Plains
Affiliated United Methodist Organization:

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