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Online Course: Bridge of Fire: Refilling Your Spiritual Tank

31 - 10

May 2022 - Jun 2022

12:00 AM - 12:00 PM

GMT -6:00 Central Time

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This is a course for anyone who works in ministry. How do you care for yourself when you spend all your time caring for others? How do we recover and restore our spiritual vitality and passion to put energy back into our work? We can’t forget that, in addition to being Christians, we are humans and we need rest. If you’re traveling down the road of burnout, this course may not give you quick answers or quick fixes, but it will begin your journey of caring for yourself. In this course we will learn about burnout with the hope that it will open our eyes, to see if we might be heading down that path. We need to learn how to get back in touch with our life, back in proper balance, and allow God to re-energize our spirit in a way that propels us forward to greater levels of service.

Type of Event: UM Related Schools & Seminaries
Intended Audience: All
Event Sponsor: Annual Conference - Great Plains
Affiliated United Methodist Organization:

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