Tuesdays at the Table: Can my baptism be invalidated by my sexuality or anything else?



10:00 AM - 10:30 AM

GMT -6:00 Central Time

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<p>Join us on The United Methodist Church Facebook page as we continue the Connectional Table Tuesdays at the Table discussions. (https://www.facebook.com/unitedmethodistchurch) This session, The Rev. Dr. Jay Williams, pastor at Union Church in Boston, will talk about what our United Methodist tradition teaches about what it means to be a baptized Christian. Get information about this discussion visit: https://www.umc.org/en/content/tuesdays-at-the-table-11-30-can-baptism-be-invalidated About the series: Maybe you started going to a United Methodist church as a child. Or perhaps you came later in life because of the choir, the preaching or because the building was near your home. As our church experiences a tumultuous season, you may be wondering what our disagreements and decisions will mean for you. Find information about the series at: UMC.org/ComeToTheTable</p>

Type of Event: All
Intended Audience: All
Event Sponsor: Connectional Table
Affiliated United Methodist Organization: The Connectional Table

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