Mission u: Finding Peace in an Anxious World

7 - 28


2:00 PM - 4:00 PM

GMT -5:00 Central Daylight Time

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This study uses the "Serenity Prayer" and the book of Proverbs as a guide to discover peace through scriptural and spiritual disciplines. The course will be presented in four sessions (2 hours each) on Sunday afternoons 2/7, 2/24, 2/21, 2/28, 2021 from 2:00pm to 4:00pm MST. Each virtual session will focus on a different aspect of the Serenity prayer -- serenity, acceptance, courage and wisdom. We truly are living in an anxious world, torn by division and distress. Covid numbers are rising, evidence of climate change meets us in our back yards, anxieties growing out of difficult family situations. blood pressures rising, and new issues straining our hearts almost every day. This class couldn't come at a more needed time. Join in exploring ways to discover peace through spiritual disciplines that will help keep us rooted in God and energized to live fully as disciples of Christ. Registration is free. Study leader is retired United Methodist Pastor Su Debree. Participants are encouraged to purchase the book "Finding Peace in an Anxious World" edited by Erin James-Brown.

Type of Event: All
Intended Audience: All
Event Sponsor: United Methodist Women
Affiliated United Methodist Organization: Mountain Sky Mission Team and Mission u Team

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