Pratical Ministry Certifications

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January is the ideal time to equip those in leadership positions in our faith communities (paid and/or unpaid), and the Institute for Discipleship is here to help in an affordable and convenient way-- especially during the time of COVID. We offer several certifications based on GBHEM education requirements, as well as other leadership courses. There are eight practical ministry certifications that are starting on January 18th, which are designed to give you affordable and accessible foundations for ministry. Each one is fully online, accredited and pay-as-you-go. Certifications are available in Spiritual Formation, Christian Care and Counseling, Children’s Ministry, Rural Ministry, Christian Education, Evangelism, Women’s Ministries, Youth Ministry and Ministry With Those With Disabilities. Each certification consists of four online courses, each just $125. Students receive over 20 weeks of high-quality, small-group instruction for a total of $500. The youth ministry certification adds a 12-week practicum led by the experts at Youth Ministry Institute for an additional $325. The certifications are split evenly between Biblical and theological instruction and practical, on-the-ground skills. All programs are also pay-as-you-go. A United Methodist emphasis can be added to any certification with one additional course in United Methodist Studies. More info on these certification programs and those that will be launching in January can be found here:

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