Online Course: Book Study: Hero Maker

11 - 29


12:00 AM - 12:00 AM

GMT -5:00 Central Daylight Time

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<p>Everyone Wants to be a Hero In their book, &ldquo;Hero Maker,&rdquo; Dave Ferguson and Warren Bird point out that everyone wants to be a hero, but few understand the power in being a hero maker. This three-week book study will examine the powerful choice to be a hero maker rather than a hero in our work environments and our leadership roles. This allows us, as Christ followers, to have a greater impact in our own leadership roles in our church, community, and work environments &ldquo;Hero Maker&rdquo; is based on five powerful practices found in the ministry of Jesus, who lived out his life and ministry building up others to be leaders. We will study verses in the gospel of Luke as we begin to understand how Jesus built his team of disciples to grow God&rsquo;s kingdom. The study will focus on the three main sections of the book: </p> <p> Part 1, &ldquo;A Hero-Making Challenge,&rdquo; prompts us to understand the process of multiplying hero makers in our church.</p> <p> Part 2, &ldquo;Five Essential Practices of Hero Making,&rdquo; examines investing ourselves in others to multiply our own impact and the growth of our mission.</p> <p> Part 3, &ldquo;Hero Makers Get Results,&rdquo; inspires our vision of possibilities and challenges us to dream big.</p>

Type of Event: All
Intended Audience: All
Event Sponsor: Annual Conference - Missouri
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