How to Build and Provide Your Course

8 - 22


12:00 PM - 12:00 PM

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Have you ever wanted to bring Christian education materials to a wider audience? Online learning allows for great flexibility -- anyone with a reasonable internet connection can participate in your course -- while maintaining a strong learning environment. Students and instructors log in and participate at the time of day that works best for their own schedule while still maintaining connection and daily interaction. This is a two-week course designed to familiarize learners with the mission of the Institute for Discipleship and specifically, which hosts online courses. This course covers the basics of building, planning, and teaching online courses, as well as the fundamentals of using the Blackboard software. This course is required for all instructors before building their own courses on but is only required once. In the first week, participants will use the software as a student in order to experience its various features from the perspective of a student in an online course.* Mid-week, learners will be given a practice course site to administer as if building and leading a course. Many who come into this how-to course with ideas and plans for a course of their own end up developing much of their actual course structure in the second week. Upon completion of the how-to course, participants will be certified to offer their own courses through * It is highly recommended that anyone new to BeADisciple first participate in a course as a learner before attempting this instructor training. This course is eligible for 1.0 CEU.

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Intended Audience: All
Event Sponsor: Annual Conference - Great Plains
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