Lay Servant Ministries online course: Biblical Storytelling I

13 - 25


12:00 PM - 11:00 AM

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<p>Learning the sacred stories of Scripture by heart and sharing them with others is an ancient-future art and a powerful spiritual practice. This course&rsquo;s methods, developed by the Network of Biblical Storytellers International (NBSI), are for everyone who wishes to learn, to tell and to connect with God and other people through the spiritual discipline of telling the sacred stories of Scripture.&nbsp;</p> <p>By the end of the two-week course, you will be able to share at least one text with others by heart (not memory), and you will understand how this completely&nbsp;art fits into a digital communications world. Whether you work with children in Sunday school or dream of bringing Scripture to life in worship or elsewhere, your ministry and your spirit will be enriched by this art.</p> <p>There is a daily assignment, usually involving a short document to read, work on your story, and online sharing. If you are able to post a video online, that is helpful, but it is not required. There will be one or two optional live meeting sessions (dates and times will be set with input from learners) to allow you to practice telling your story and receive coaching in a group.</p> <p>The course is taught by NBSI vice president and United Methodist deacon Beth Galbreath, who has performed and taught the art&nbsp;in the U.S.,&nbsp;Cameroon, Bolivia, Haiti and the Philippines. It has been approved by Discipleship Ministries as an advanced course in Lay Servant Ministries, but it&rsquo;s designed for everyone!</p>

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