Online lay servant course: Leading Bible Study Biblical Interpretation

24 - 6

Feb 2020 - Mar 2020

12:00 PM - 11:00 PM

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<p>Is your Bible study group or adult Sunday school class ready to take&nbsp;biblical study to a deeper level? Ready to step away from a published guide to do you own research and interpretation? Ready to be open to new understandings that can be applied within their own context?</p> <p>This course might be just what you need! In this advanced lay servant course, participants will gain an understanding of biblical interpretation and why it is important, develop skills in interpreting the Bible message, practice biblical interpretation in a group setting, and explore the use of relevant study resources. The course will use "Biblical Interpretation: A Roadmap," a book that&nbsp;asks key questions about Scripture, readers of the Bible, and how those two interact.</p> <p>Participants will work daily through private journals, discussion board questions, and video lectures to cover the 10&nbsp;contact hours of engagement with the course leader, and they will have many opportunities to connect with and learn from each other.</p> <p>The required book for this course is a 235-page college-level textbook. Don&rsquo;t let it intimidate you! The instructor will make the content more understandable in the course itself&nbsp;but does strongly recommend that you purchase and read the book in advance in order to have a more enjoyable course experience. If your current schedule doesn&rsquo;t allow you to read the book in advance, please register for a future offering of the course. This course has been approved by Discipleship Ministries (formerly the General Board of Discipleship) as an advanced course in Lay Servant Ministries and qualifies for 10 contact hours for lay speakers.</p>

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Intended Audience: Lay Leaders
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