Online course: Creating Safe Spaces for Children and Youth Ministries

27 - 27

Jan 2020 - Feb 2020

12:00 PM - 11:00 PM

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<p>Who is supervising the shower schedule for your youth group&rsquo;s summer mission trip? How many adults are overseeing the costume changes for the Christmas pageant? I know you have two adults with your Sunday school&rsquo;s 4-year-old class, but what happens when someone needs a bathroom break? How do you get your teenagers to stop going down the street for coffee during Sunday school hour?&nbsp;What is your plan for the day when you get falsely accused of improper conduct with children or youth?</p> <p>Whether your congregation calls it a safe sanctuary,&nbsp;gathering policy&nbsp;or any of a dozen other names,&nbsp;this document is your best preparation for reducing the risk in those situations and more!</p> <p>In this two-week online workshop, you&rsquo;ll learn why you should have and follow an up-to-date policy, what the policy includes generally and specifically, where to go for help when needed &ndash; and what your next steps should be, including writing (or editing) a policy, if needed.</p> <p>Through readings, discussion questions, and an optional Zoom meeting, you will hear how&nbsp;ministers, volunteers, pastors, administrators&nbsp;and others&nbsp;are reducing their risk of abuse or false accusations of abuse.</p>

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