Online Course: Advent Study Through The Book of Luke With Lisa Buffum

1 - 24


12:00 PM - 11:00 AM

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Do you know that there are 24 chapters to the Bible book of Luke? What a perfect way to work through Advent! Study through the book of Luke this Advent with Lisa Buffum, BeADisciple's director of online education. Each day we will read a chapter of Luke and then discuss the chapter with a devotional and prompting questions provided by Lisa. This will help us focus on Jesus as we work our way to Christmas. also will be an aid to developing a daily habit of reading Scripture as we hold one another accountable to daily reading and studying. The $25 course fee will go entirely toward the ministry of Special note about dates of course access: Although the Blackboard course will open on Dec. 2, you will receive an email covering Luke 1 on Dec. 1. The course will last through Dec. 20 at noon when Blackboard closes for the Christmas break. You will receive daily emails Dec. 21-24 to finish up the study. Discussions on the last few days of the study may take place in the BeADisciple Facebook group. ***This is an online course, meaning you can participate at the time of day that works best for your schedule. Course materials will become available at noon Central on the start day, and you should plan to spend an hour or two (whenever you choose) every day interacting with the course and on the discussion boards.***

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