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West Forest United Methodist Church

West Forest United Methodist Church

Address: 7297 E Farrand Road Get Directions

City/Township/Locality: Millington

State/Postal Code: MI, 48746

Phone: (989) 871-3456


Sunday at 9:00 AM - Worship

Lead Pastor: Carol Freeland

Congregation: 30

Ministry Type: Worship

Languages Spoken: English


Welcome to the West Forest United Methodist Church, home of the (former) Buffalo BBQ. Our church was established in 1892 and is now designated a Michigan Historical Site. Our mission statement is as follows: "We the people of the West Forest United Methodist Church are a small congregation attending a rural church set among cornfields and farmland. We desire to grow in the knowledge, experience and love of God through faith, fellowship and worship. We are striving to reach out and invite others to join us and help spread the Good News of Christ." Although West Forest is located in a rural area, the landscape is rapidly changing. We still have cornfields, but new homes are appearing all around us. We do hope you will visit West Forest and experience the friendliness and faithfulness of our small church. You will immediately become a part of our church family.


Our Women's Group makes bibs and lap robes for those in area nursing homes and hospitals. Donated crafts from the Women's Group and congregation are sold at a local craft show. Crafts are always needed. We have a mitten tree, which holds mittens, hats and scarves for the needy. Our church adopts families and provides them with clothing, personal items, or whatever is necessary. We have a large group of ladies who scrapbook once a month and the "scrap fee" is donated to the church where needed. We have dreams for the 24.13 acres of land purchased and paid for by our church. Since we are a small church a person can become very involved and help with activities and projects to make these dreams materialize.


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