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Peterboro United Methodist Church

Peterboro United Methodist Church

Address: 5240 Pleasant Valley Road Get Directions

City/Township/Locality: Peterboro

State/Postal Code: NY, 13134

Phone: (315) 684-9800

Website :


Sunday at 9:30 AM - Worship

Lead Pastor: David West

Congregation: 15

Ministry Type: Worship, Hunger, Spiritual Life, Music Arts and Worship, Reaching Out in Mission, Caring, Fun for All

Languages Spoken: English


Welcome to Peterboro United Methodist Church! Our Present Pastor is David West who started in July of 2020. We keep busy and are dedicated to the growth and support of community and member through missions and ministries.



The Methodist Episcopal Church of Peterboro was the organized in 1854. Services were held in various homes and buildings until 1858, when a small frame building was erected at the cost of $2,200. This building grew and evolved to become our present church. Rev. A.L. York was the first pastor. Over the years there have been 48 pastors and several associate pastors, our present Pastor is David West who started in July of 2020. He very much loves the Lord and is a great asset to our church. Our church now the United Methodist Church is more than a building that sits on the corner in Peterboro, NY. We keep busy in our community with our missions and ministries. Some of them are Sunday Services, Services by conference call as well as in person, Prayer Chain, Food Cupboard, Bible Study, Card Ministry, Bereavement Ministry, Visitation, Women’s Fellowship, Quilt Ministry, Bone Builders, Newsletter, Potato Drop, Blood drives, Christmas Baskets for shut ins, Christmas Fund for Children, mustard seed fund. During the summer covid months we added a help yourself parking lot food cupboard. Donations are given to groups that do other ministries that we can’t such as local fire dept., and ambulance corps, I will explain a few of our ministries - The Quilt Ministry is a group of people who make small quilts for children and adults. They make about 80-100 quilts a year that are given to hospitals, nursing homes and individuals. The Potato Drop is potatoes that have been gleaned from fields and trucked to an area church and divided up. Our church gets 1 1/2 tons of potatoes. We have a free potato pick up day and we give the area food cupboards potatoes so they pass them out to their clients. The mustard fund is money that is put in a special fund for needs of people in the community and church. Only a few people know who this fund goes to. It is kept confidential and the person does not have to pay it back unless they want to and able to. Many more things are being done beyond this list that only God and the person who is doing it in the name of the Church knows. We try to serve God by being an important part of our community.


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