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Vital Congregations: Our Story

The United Methodist Church’s Story

The Biblical story breathes life into our relationship with God. From Genesis to Revelation, the Bible offers us the stories that shape who we are as Christians today. Without our faith story, we lose the thread that ties generations to God and to one another. Understanding our history is essential to our current faith and necessary to a fruitful and vital future. 

The Vital Congregations Movement

Congregations who understand where they have been and what has affected the current reality of their church are better equipped to see the possibilities for their future. History helps us learn from our mistakes so that we don't repeat decisions that had ineffective consequences. Therefore, a congregation that understand their history will benefit as they set goals for the future.

We are “Called to Action”

Today, The United Methodist Church is a strong chord made up of strands from various traditions, many cultures and more than 47 nations. We have vital and vibrant congregations throughout the world. We are making disciples and transforming the world. 

We are also experiencing decline and a loss of vitality in congregations. Today we are “Called to Action.” We are called to be a forward-leaning Church that addresses the challenges of our day and to grow vitality in our congregations so that we make more disciples and engage them in the transformation of the world. 

In this section, you will find descriptions of vital congregations and resources to help your congregation become more vital. 

Your Congregation's Story

The following links will take you to resources for committees/leadership teams within your congregation that will guide you in a process of discerning and interpreting your congregation's history.

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