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Seeing Others: Compass Episode 23

How do we find belonging? In this episode, Karen Gonzalez shared her journey to belong, and in so doing, noted how we can all create communities of belonging.

Journeying to Belong

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Show Notes:

Karen Gonzalez has a unique perspective on belonging, being someone who works with resettling refugees through World Relief and through her own immigration experience. She joined the podcast to talk about how we find our own spiritual belonging and how we can be a people of belonging for others. Karen recently released The God Who Sees: Immigrants, the Bible, and the Journey to Belong. In the book, she shares more of her story alongside the biblical stories of some surprising immigrants.

Karen has also written for The Mudroom, The Salt Collective, Sojourners, and more.

During the conversation, Karen shared some recommendations of books for belonging and understanding refugees and immigration:

She also noted that she checks a lot of facts through the National Immigration Forum.

You can reach out to Karen on Twitter and Instagram.

[Published July 11, 2019]

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