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What is Church? Compass Episode 22

What actually makes a church? For that matter, what makes one a Christian? Jerry Herships joins the discussion around these questions...

What is Church?

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Meet Jerry Herships. Jerry is now the pastor at Aspen Community Church in Aspen, CO. He founded AfterHours Denver, a thriving faith community that meets in bars and pubs. Originally a comedian and bartender, Herships was drawn into ministry after realizing that the connections and conversations he was having with his customers at the bar were deeper and more real than anything he'd ever experienced in a church. Jerry has written two books, Last Call and, most recently, Rogue Saints--which is what drew him to our podcast. You can email Jerry here.

During the interview, Jerry mentions "The Quadrilateral." This is a term often used in the Methodist world. It is sometimes referred to as "The Wesleyan Quadrilateral" (though John Wesley did not invent it). The Quadrilateral is a lens for forming theology. It comes together like this: 

The idea is that we formulate theology based on scripture and reconciling scripture to our traditional teachings, our own reasoning, and how that interacts with our experience.

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