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Addiction, Recovery, Community: Compass Episode 17

His name is Rev. Ryan Canaday and he's an alcoholic. He joined Pierce and Ryan to talk recovery, community, and grace. Ryan has founded a congregation built for those in and around addiction and recovery. The process is sometimes rough, but it is also always full of grace.









Addiction, Recovery and Community with Ryan Canaday: Episode 017

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Ryan Canaday is a pastor at St Luke's United Methodist in Highlands Ranch, Colorado:

He founded the FREE Community, a congregation built on the needs of those in and around recovery:

If you wish to get in touch with Ryan, email him at: [email protected]

For a deeper dive into Pierce's life: OR

For Ryan Dunn, the other co-host: OR

This Podcast is part of the Rethink Church movement: This episode was produced and edited by Ryan Dunn with engineering by Dan O'Connell and Ricky Barrow and technical assistance from Lane Denson. It was recorded at Kingswood Studios in Nashville, TN.

Episode posted Februay 2019

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