Did you know recently UMCOR awarded $31,529,971 in grants?

Recently UMCOR awarded
$31,529,971 in grants?

In recent years, UMCOR distributed $31, 529,968 in grants. North America: $14,648,191, South America: $5,919,190, Europe: $116,731, Middle East: $961,778, Asia: $1,939,555 and Africa: $7,948,523. These monies are used for food, hygiene supplies, shelter and other basic needs to ease human suffering.


In response to the devastating global effects of World War II, the 1940 United Methodist Church's General Conference established a relief agency called United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR).  This agency was created to respond to the needs of human anguish by working globally to alleviate suffering and advance hope and healing. UMCOR is organized into programmatic areas focused on U.S and international response and recovery, sustainable development, and migration. Each area is founded on the belief that positive sustainable change is best done alongside and in support of communities. UMCOR work is managed through the General Board of Global Ministries.

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