Did You Know United Methodist recently distributed $50,000 in grants for Peace with Justice projects?

United Methodists distributed
$50,000 in grants for Peace
with Justice projects?

$50,000 was distributed for 12 projects ranging from prison pipeline in Florida, solidarity visit to the Holy Land in the Philippines, Water Summit in Illinois and Justice for our Neighbors programs in several cities around the country. Funding for projects is generated by local churches and conferences from the Peace with Justice offering taken on Peace with Justice Sunday. Grants are awarded to United Methodist local church, districts, conference or other affiliated group/organizations, Ecumenical group/organizations working with and through at least one United Methodist agency or organization, whose program impacts at least one United Methodist local church.


Peace with Justice is a faithful expression of shalom in the Bible. It calls the church to strengthen its capacity to advocate publicly in communities and nations throughout the world. It aims to make shalom visible and active in people's lives and communities by setting people free from bondage. We will celebrate Peace with Justice as witnesses to God's demand for a faithful, just, disarmed and secure world. Generally, Peace with Justice Sunday is celebrated on the second Sunday after Pentecost and a special offering is collected. The offering is administered by the General Board of Church and Society and benefits peace with justice ministries in the Annual Conferences and around the world.

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