Did you know the UM Youth Service Fund has been around since 1968?

Did you know the UM Youth Service Fund has been around since 1968?

Since its creation in 1968, the Youth Service Fund has enabled youth to support one another in ministry around the world. Whether through an imaginative fundraiser, individual gifts, or asking the congregation for a special offering, each year youth raise thousands of dollars. These funds exist for youth who want to serve their peers and need a financial boost to get a new ministry off the ground.


The Youth Service Fund has provided funding to youth projects for nearly 50 years and countless youth have benefitted from all around the world. This fund was established by the global United Methodist Church to support youth and youth ministries in their endeavors to live and grow as faithful disciples of Jesus Christ. Young people have continuously proven to be extremely generous, and the Youth Service Fund would not exist without their monetary gifts given year after year. However, money alone is not what keeps Youth Service Fund alive. Youth are donating their time and effort to fundraise and using their creative energy to form projects that meet the needs of their community. Through the Youth Service Fund, youth are joining together to spread hope to their peers.

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