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Photo illustration of John Wesley bobblehead. Courtesy of Steven Adair, United Methodist Communications

Courtesy of Steven Adair, United Methodist Communications

Photo illustration of John Wesley bobblehead.

What Olympic sport fits John Wesley best? Facebook fans vote


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As the 2018 Winter Olympics kicked off in Pyeongchang, South Korea, fans of The United Methodist Church’s Facebook page showed off their sportsmanship too. Responses to the lighthearted query, “What sport do you think John Wesley would enjoy most during the 2018 Winter Olympics?” were medal worthy!

Here’s a quick sample of some of the contenders:

  • David Gray: Luge. Getting quickly from town to town to proclaim the Word of God!
  • Mark Neely: Half pipe circuit riding
  • Dona Stallworth: Ski jumping because you have to be good at standing up stiffly against the wind.
  • Steve Doyal: I say figure skating because it abounds in grace.
  • Katrin Schinkel: Horse jumping of course.
  • Sharon Bartter: I'm sure he would have only shot/hunted if needed for food but there is the "biathlon" where they cross country ski to the next target and shoot. As often as he was alone, Wesley may have had to shoot for food/safety. So he might have been good at that!
  • Henry Macavoray: I think John Wesley would best enjoy the long jump at the Winter Olympics. He took a long jump from London to America.
  • Bobbie Craig: Bobsledding. It's a team sport and there's room for brother Charles, as well as other team members!
  • Robert Adams: Curling- it is very methodical!

Several other commenters also suggested Curling, which is certainly a popular sport in the United Kingdom where Wesley had his roots.

There were a few alternate suggestions.

  • Janet Moore: I actually see him more of a summer Olympic any of those sports that they ride horses.
  • Eric Heath: Looks like a figure skating judge to me.
  • Connie Hayes: It’s a shame they don’t have oratory challenges in Olympics!
  • And there were references to the Wesleyan tradition of small covenant groups.
  • Randy Neal: Any small group sports.
  • Brady Baird: Covenant Bobsled Teams.
  • Pat Morris: Committee formation!!!

Wesley’s leadership abilities inspired other replies:

  • Lou Ann Pumphrey: An opening prayer.
  • Jimmy Boone: Next to the Olympic he can feel strangely warm.
  • Roberta Thomas: Carrying the torch.
  • Sharon Cantrell: Having so many opportunities to reflect & share the story of Jesus & the saving grace.

A comment by Jeanette Harrison-Bussen Smith echoes Wesley’s adage that the world is our parish: All the sports, grand finales honoring all winners and participants because we should be all inclusive....Amen.

You can add your own comments in the Facebook group for The United Methodist Church. Thanks to all the good sports who shared their clever responses!

Media contact is Steven Adair, at United Methodist Communications. This story was first published on February 10, 2018.