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2015 Upper New York Annual Conference


Bishop Sudarshana Devadhar told members of the Upper New York Conference that the disciples didn’t ask Jesus to show them how to preach, do miracles or do ministry. “They asked him to teach them how to pray,” Devadhar said.

“Having been with Jesus, having seen Him perform miracles, and having watched Him take time to pray, they might have realized it was the power of Jesus' prayer that enabled Him to do what He did. So they asked Jesus to show them how to pray,” said Devadhar, bishop of the Boston Episcopal Area.

Nine provisional members were commissioned and eight clergy were ordained by Bishop Mark J. Webb.

Resolutions approved included:

  • Creation of Bridging Team
  • Supporting the Turtle Island Trust and the people of Ganienkeh
  • Ending the celebration of Columbus Day
  • Health insurance for all clergy and local pastors
  • Protecting Seneca Lake
  • Formation of the Upper New York Conference United Methodist Historical Society.

Resolutions for General Conference 2016 that were affirmed included:

  • Potential consensus among faith communities regarding income inequality
  • A Fruits of Repentance resolution calling for an end to the celebration of Columbus Day
  • Prayer and support for members of the armed forces and veterans
  • Cross-referencing The Book of Discipline with The Book of Resolution
  • Allowing licensed pastors to be elected as clergy delegates to General Conference, Jurisdictional Conference and Central Conference and vote on the Constitution.

A vote on those General Conference resolutions that there was no time to discuss at annual conference will be taken by a mailed ballot.

General Conference lay delegates elected are: Dr. Scott Johnson, Greg Forrester, Riley O’Flynn, Carmen Vianese, Marthalyn Sweet and Blenda Smith.

General Conference clergy delegates are: The Revs. Bill Allen, Bill Mudge, Rebekah Sweet, Colleen Preuninger, Thom White Wolf Fassett and John Martin.

Northeastern Jurisdiction lay delegates are: Ian Urriola, J.J. Warren, Ashley Riddell, Julius Archibald, Laurel O’Connor, Shirley Readdean, Suzanne Allen and Hudda Aswad.

Northeastern Jurisdiction clergy delegates are: the Revs. Michelle Bogue-Trost, Holly Nye, Cathy Stengel, Sherri Rood, Darryl Barrow, Aaron Bouwens, Stephen Cady II and Rick Ladue.

The current membership is 160,638, down from 164,257 last year, while worship attendance is 44,652, down from 47,592 last year. Church school attendance was 10,655, down from 11,177.

Stephen J. Hustedt, director of communications for the Upper New York Conference.