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United Methodist Women Shape Generations


The organization United Methodist Women provides not only the foundation for many churches, but for many families as well. Mothers raise daughters to understand the core principals of seeking and serving God. This video profiles some United Methodist women in Florida who are inspiring three and four generations to embrace social action.


(Location: Lakeland, FL)

Emily Hutchings, UMW, Florida Annual Conference: “The principal that I’m trying to teach my children here is the same one that I learned. And I already have tears, I’m so emotional about things like this. If we are called to be Christians, we are called to actually respond to things that we’re aware of.”

(Protestors chant) “No more slaves!”

Emily Hutchings learned about social justice from her mother, Jackie Bridges, a member of United Methodist Women for more than 40 years and the dean of Mission U in the Florida annual conference.

Jackie Bridges, UMW, Florida Annual Conference:“One of the roles of parents is to pass on values and John Wesley’s whole deal was social justice. It’s why there is a Methodist Church today. And, I wanted them to know so that they could remember that the world didn’t revolve around them.”

The two women brought their family to protest for farm workers’ rights in Lakeland, Florida.

Voice of Emily Hutchings: “The world is our brothers and sisters. So, the farm workers, no they’re not our friend at school, they’re not our co-worker, but, they are our brothers and sisters in Christ.”

Ava Hutchings, Daughter of UMW member: “Some farmers are like, being treated mean. We’re gonna help them not be treated mean. And I feel about United Methodist Women, even though I’m a child, that I could still be part of it. Even though I’m a young child and I’m six – I can even be a woman, too.”

Shelley Davidson hopes to pass on the legacy of social action in the UMW that she learned from her mother and great-grandmother.

Shelley Davidson, UMW, Florida Annual Conference:“We have to educate our children so that they will be able to carry on what we’re laying out before them. We have to keep taking them to events, such as today and show them what good United Methodist Women is doing.”

Sharon Wilson, UMW, Florida Annual Conference: “This is a legacy that started with my grandmother. I always went with her when she did the cooking, she cooked for 200 people. I went and I helped. I think it has a tendency to rub off on my family, my grandchildren that are coming up.”

For these UMW members, love in action is a way of honoring Jesus and each other.

Emily Hutchings, UMW, Florida Annual Conference: “I want my mom to know that when she is no longer here, that her work will still continue – not only through me, not only through my sister, but her granddaughter and her grandson.”

Ava Hutchings, Daughter of UMW member: “The United Methodists, like the women, they’re trying to stand up for other people.”

Jackie Bridges, UMW, Florida Annual Conference: “This has all reminded me of a couple of songs ….’When you’re gone, who will sing when you’re gone, who will be sing your song?’ I know who will be singing my song and God’s song when I’m gone.”

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