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United Methodist Communications

The General Commission on Communication (United Methodist Communications; UMCOM) provides leadership for the denomination in the fields of communication, public relations, and promotion of the general funds and programs of the denomination. It is the official news gathering and distribution agency of the denomination. It provides resources and services to local churches and annual conferences in the field of communications.  

Contact Information

P.O. Box 320
Nashville, TN  37202

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Provides leadership in communication, public relations, and promotion of denominational programs. It is the official news agency of the denomination and provides communication resources to churches and annual conferences. Read More

Inside the production truck, United Methodist Communications’ Andrew Jensen works with the live camera angles videotaping the plenary floor of the 2016 United Methodist General Conference. Photo by Kathleen Barry, United Methodist Communications

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Dan Krause welcomes attendees to the United Methodist Communications Game Changers Summit in Nashville, Tenn. Krause is top staff executive of the denomination's communications agency. Photo by Mike DuBose, United Methodist Communications.

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Lionel Sahuie broadcasts from The United Methodist Church's  radio station in  Côte d'Ivoire. Photo by Mike DuBose, United Methodist Communications.

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Country music band Restless Heart poses in the studio at United Methodist Communications in Nashville, TN. File photo by Ronny Perry.

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1944 General Conference reporters (who also autographed the photo). Ralph W. Stoody, founding chief executive of Methodist Information, is in the far back corner. Photo courtesy of  United Methodist Communications, edited by

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Archival photo of a truck for the Radio and Film Commission of The Methodist Church. Photo courtesy of United Methodist Communications.

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Maeghan Orton (left) learns about how medical records are kept at the United Methodist Church's Mercy Hospital in Bo Sierra Leone, from Taiwo Sesay, who oversees the hospital's maternity unit. Orton is from Medic Mobile, a technology partner of United Methodist Communications. Photo by Mike DuBose, UMNS.

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