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UMTV: Restaurant Owner On Mission



A desire to help others has taken Oklahoma restaurateur Steve Pool around the world. It alsoinspired an eatery that encourages patrons to find ways to do good in their own communities.

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The Rev. Craig Clark, Gore United Methodist Church: "People leave Soda Steve's inspired by the mission they did, what he accomplished."

Steve Pool, Owner, Soda Steve's Restaurant: "My name is Steve Pool and I am the owner, the 'Steve part' of Soda Steve's in Gore, Oklahoma. You can see many of the things in the restaurant are inspired by our work in the mission field."

The Rev. Craig Clark: "As soon as you come in the door, you're going to see images from his previous mission trips, you're going to see a sign up where he is accepting donations to help fund his next mission trip."

(Locator: Gore, Oklahoma)

Lezli Pool: "The bamboo is kind of a nod to Costa Rica. We've got the hammocks with the two fat boys in it. They're wearing Steve's actual mission clothes. He actually takes the boots off the dummy when he goes on a mission to wear them and he brings them back."

Steve Pool: "Soda Steve's was kind of born on a mission trip. In Costa Rica, they had these little, they call them sodas, but they're not sodas in what we would think a soda is. They're really just, a local woman has flung up the door of her garage and she is feeding the local people when they come by for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And so we took all of our meals in Matina, Costa Rica at a place called Soda Brenda's. And I happened to have a couple of employees with me at the time and they said, 'You know, we should turn The Veranda into Soda Steve's.'We came up with the idea 'Let's build a restaurant focused on mission starting fromthe name, Soda Steve's and where it originated,' and now we have gotten to where we do a mission every year."

The Rev. Craig Clark: "His heart is really in the right place. He wants to reach people, he wants to share the message."

David Sharp, Customer: "You see pictures. You see the books. You see the literature. You see all of those things that are really important."

Richard Gray, Customer: "We didn't expect this. We didn't expect to find a place where the Lord is working and where God has moved mightily."

Chance Parker: "It's nice to know that when you come here a portion of what we're spending on food is going to help them also."

Steve Pool: "Really the one thing I want people to take away from Soda Steve's when they leave out of here, no matter who you are or where you live, there are missions I guarantee within ten miles of your house. If you live in the inner city or you live in a suburb or you live in a small country community, there is some person that needs their house worked on and can't afford it. All you have to do is open your mind up to answer the call and you will be off to the races."


To learn more about past and future mission trips, visit the Soda Steve's website or call 918-487-9812.

Posted: November 8, 2011

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