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UMTV: Produce Drop Pounds Hunger



United Methodist volunteers helped bag 40,000 pounds of cucumbers for distribution by local feeding agencies across Central Florida as part of the 2012 General Conference in Tampa. The United Methodist Church partners with the Society of St. Andrew in ministry to the hungry. The Society of St. Andrew, founded in 1979, coordinates more than 30,000 volunteers, and distributes more than 25 million pounds of fresh produce that would otherwise have been wasted.

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(Locator: Tampa, Florida)

(Barbara greets crowd) "Good Morning folks! Thank you for coming out this morning. We have over 41,000 pounds of cucumbers. Thank you all for helping us."

Gil Hanke, United Methodist Men: "There is only one reason that there are hungry people in the United States. Only one reason. And that's because we tolerate it."

Volunteer: "People think that hunger's just a problem overseas but there's hunger right here in our own backyards also. And all of these cucumbers, 30,000 pounds, would have otherwise gone to the hogs or gone to the trash."


Barbara Sayles, Society of St. Andrew: "Society of St. Andrew is a non-profit hunger relief organization. We began 33 years ago by three United Methodist pastors and they were supported by the United Methodist Men."

Volunteer: "How long have we been out today? Since 5 this morning."

Barbara Sayles: "Delegates and visitors from the General Conference will come out and bag these fresh cucumbers and help us load these on food bank trucks that will pick them up and take them back to their food banks, homeless shelters and soup kitchens and distribute them to the hungry."

Lisa Larson, Reserve Delegate: "We're here to talk about The United Methodist Church and missions and discipleship and our active role in them."

Kim Reisman, Delegate: "Takes no time. You can fill up a bag and help some hungry people."

Barbara Sayles: "This is our eighth General Conference and we've done numerous annual conferences across the country where we have done potato drops, produce drops. Sometimes it's cabbage, sometimes its cucumbers, like it will be today."

Tammy Estep, Delegate: "We are a church that believes in justice, that believes in caring for the least of these. That is Jesus' main call to us and to our church and to all Christians."

Barbara Sayles: "Society of St. Andrew will be here to glean the fields and feed the hungry as long as we need to, as long as there are hungry people in America."

Posted: May 10, 2012

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