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UMTV: Haiti Health Kits


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Across the U.S., everyday people found a way to put help in the hands of those affected by the 2010 earthquake in Haiti. Personal care items brought comfort to families who lost everything. Lilla Marigza reports.


(Locator: Mt. Juliet, Tennessee)

It's Sunday morning, and members ofGrace United Methodist Church near Nashville, Tennessee have traded their Sunday best for work clothes.

(Woman gives directions) "Do you want to start another table over there?"

They are packing health kits. Items like clean towels, soap, and combs are carefully packaged. These will be sent to families left homeless by the earthquake in Haiti.

Whitney Simpson, Grace United Methodist Church: "What it means to be a church ... it's not just about being there at 8:30 or 11:00."

Allison Boehm, Grace United Methodist Church: "It's just great to see our community come together to work together to help all these people."

When event organizer Ric Rios stood up to ask his fellow church members to assemble 1,000 kits, something amazing happened.

Ric Rios, Event Organizer: "Next thing I know, out of my mouth right there in front of the congregation are coming the words, '10,000 kits.' It's not me."

Ten thousand was no problem. In a few days, donations from local businesses and individuals poured in.

Ric Rios: "We had 10,000 nail clippers. We had 10,000 big towels, small towels, brushes."

Chloe Mulford, Grace United Methodist Church: "We are counting bandages and we need six in each. When they have cuts or anything, they can put their bandages on."

One-hundred-sixty volunteers worked quickly.

Trey McCampbell, Grace United Methodist Church: "I was the guy who mushed the air out of the plastic bags because we had to fit 60 plastic bags per box."

For 65 years, UMCOR-the United Methodist Committee on Relief-has been providing humanitarian aid to those affected by natural disasters.

As with Haiti, people see the devastation on the news and are moved. Health kits are a hands-on way to help.

Ric Rios: "It's one thing to do it through your cell phone $10 apiece. It's one thing to do it in your offering plate. But this is where you can actually touch something. The next time this package is opened by someone who is in dire need. These are small, simple kits that will be there and hopefully touching them."

(Applause in the warehouse)


UMCOR works in more than 80 countries worldwide.

For information on how your group can pack and donate health kits, visit the Web site.

You can also contact Grace United Methodist Church at 615-754-6034.

Posted: January 27, 2010

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