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UMTV: Haiti Children’s Hospital


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A hospital in Haiti's capital city has been serving children for more than 40 years. Nurses and doctors rose to new challenges in the aftermath of the 2010 earthquake. Lilla Marigza has an inside look.


(Locator: Port-au-Prince, Haiti)

(Child in waiting area) "Dada?"

(Nurse to parents in waiting area) "Joseph? Joseph?"

Parents fill the waiting room ofGrace Children's Hospital in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Their children suffer from injuries and infections stemming from the January 12th earthquake. One-year-old Laury was pulled from the rubble of his collapsed house. His 21-year-old mother says he's been sick ever since.

Melissa Jean Baptiste, Mother: (with interpreter) "He has a fever, diarrhea, and he's coughing. He was very healthy before the earthquake."

Hundreds of thousands of Haitians, many of them children, now live in tent communities with little food and poor sanitation. As a result, doctors are seeing cases like lice and dehydration.

Ketly Alexis brought her two-year-old Medina, who has a severe ear infection.

Ketly Alexis, Mother: (with interpreter) "She took the baby and ran away from the house. She became like sick and her ear, as you can just, look at it. She's really sick. They live now on the street. They sleep on the street."

The hospital, founded by United Methodists in 1967, was heavily damaged.

(Robenson Lucceus showing the broken staircase): "This is, up there used to be the administration of the hospital."

There is no electricity. Outside, tents shelter children whose parents aren't coming back.

Robenson Lucceus, Grace Children's Hospital: "Among those kids, only two of them have parents. All of them, they are abandoned."

Support comes from the U.S. military&ellipsis;

(Soldier says to Lucceus): "I got a 40-pound sack of animal crackers for the kids."
(Lucceus replies) "Oh thank you very much. We appreciate it."

&ellipsis;and from visiting medical staff like Dr. Jeannine Hatt from Texas&ellipsis;here to do what they can for the dedicated Haitian doctors and nurses who run this hospital.

Dr. Jeannine Hatt, United Methodist Volunteer: "Feels like they are doing pretty well with staffing, but they just need food, medication, electricity...just support."


Grace Children's Hospital is run by International Child Care U.S.A. with funding from the United Methodist Church. For more information, contact the Advance.

You can make a donation to the hospital through the Advance (#418520). 100% of each Advance gift goes to the designated program.

Posted: February 3, 2010

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