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UMTV: Biker Church



There are different ways to "get your motor runnin'." In the foothills of North Carolina, a church begun by bikers involves them in a lot of charitable works and has changed lives and attitudes. As the Web site for the Crossfire church says-body piercing and tattoos? No problem. Crossfire is all about "come as you are." Reed Galin Reports.

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(Locator: Moravian Falls, North Carolina)

Duncan Overrein lives without pretense...

Duncan Overrein, Crossfire United Methodist Church Member: "I could probably live a better life, but I chose not to. Correction, I am living a better life."

...without confusion about who he is, or who he wants to ride with.

Duncan Overrein, Crossfire United Methodist Church Member: "These are my brothers, man."

And the road always leads back here, now, to Crossfire United Methodist-the Biker Church-in Moravian Falls, North Carolina.

Duncan Overrein, Crossfire United Methodist Church Member: "I try to be fair about this. I don't think a lot of regular churches would want our type in there. I've been to churches before, and you could tell they don't want you there. It ain't about what we're riding, it ain't about what we wear, it's about how we need to love on people. When I hug Bubba back there and say 'Bubba, love ya man' I mean that."

This is less a service than a gathering of faithful friends, whether they be bikers or not. Choir is replaced by a rock band. Sermons are replaced by conversations, led by Pastor Alan Rice.

The Rev. Alan Rice, Crossfire United Methodist Church: "I don't have to struggle to be at home and at ease here. This is an open place where changed lives are evident."

Voice of Gary Steelman, Crossfire United Methodist Church Member: "I used to be, I thought, a pretty bad guy. And now I don't have to be that way. We're not a stagnant church. We want to change. We want to grow."

Duncan Overrein is learning to lead Crossfire himself.

Duncan Overrein, Crossfire United Methodist Church Member: "I don't mean to insult nobody, but this is my way of life. Every brother out there that I rode with, I thank each and every one of them because they all taught me something."

There may be outlaws among us, he says, but there are no outsiders.


Members of theBiker Church take pride in their practice of embracing non-traditional styles during Sunday worship. For example, on occasion a rap group replaces the rock and roll band in the choir loft.

For more information, contact Alan Rice or Duncan Overrein at 336-838-9100.

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