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Transcript: United Methodists Pray for General Conference


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Before, during and after General Conference, United Methodists around the world will lift voices in prayer.

Tara Barnes, United Methodist Women: "I pray for bravery, for me to hear the voices and share the voices that need to be heard.”

Jeannette Nunez, Office of Christian Unity and Interreligious Concerns: “My prayers are always about youth, about our future.”

Stanislas Kassongo, West Congo Conference (through interpreter): “We must look for the will of God so that God paves the way.”

Aaron Pazan, General Conference Host Committee: “Making sure everyone is welcomed and they feel loved while they’re here in Portland.”

Anne Marshall, Oklahoma Indian Missionary Conference: “I think it’s important for all of us to be in continual prayer for the world and for our churches.”

Christine Flick, Germany Central Conference: “That we honestly to try to find out what God’s way is for us as a church.”

Sergei Nikolaev, Northern Europe and Eurasia Central Conference: “Well, the overall prayers and hopes is that this General Conference to help us to become more effective as a church, to spread good news of Jesus Christ.”

Evelene Navarette Sombrero, Desert Southwest Annual Conference: “We talk about holy conferencing, Christian conferencing, and that hasn’t been showed in the past. And I’m praying that we will honestly, truly sit down and be able to talk to each other.”

Brett Strobel, General Conference Host Committee: “My prayer is we listen, we share, and we care.”

Evangeline Cristobal, General Conference Delegate: “I am praying to be physically, spiritually, and intellectually ready to be part of the discussion during the General Conference.”

Ruth Marsh, General Conference Host Committee: “Prayers for peace and calm and energy to get the job done.”

Yvette Moore, United Methodist Women: “We come out of General Conference people are gonna say, ‘Who are those people? I want to be with them. That’s what I’m praying for.’”