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Transcript: Song celebrates United Methodists, malaria fight


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(Locator: Franklin, Tenn.)

(Choir sings) “Our God is able.”

(Jeremy Rosado sings) “More than able.”

James Elliott, Songwriter: “This is really a song that is a gift to The United Methodist Church.”

Jeremy Rosado, Performer: “What The United Methodist Church is doing now is something that we could consider a miracle, how many lives have been spared because of what you guys have done.”

James Tealy, Songwriter:“This program wasn't about imagining less malaria; the invitation was to imagine no malaria and that seemed like a God-sized project. That's why I wanted to be a part of writing the song. My name is James Tealy and I am a songwriter/producer here in Nashville Tennessee.”

(Talking in studio) “This is for The United Methodist church. So the song was meant to just be a celebration of all the work they can do when they work together.”

JamesTealy: “I write songs for the church in the hope that they will work like portable theology to carry around and recite.”

James Elliott: “My name is James Isaac Elliot and I'm a professional songwriter. So when we got together, we knew it was for a celebration but we also wanted to be let's say bigger than that. They could be used for this, but then hopefully for years to come. We really based the song on that Ephesians 3:20 where it talks about how God is able to do more than we can think or imagine.”

(Jeremy sings) “We can ask or imagine.”

Jeremy Rosado: “I am Jeremy Rosado. I’m a singer, worship pastor and I was on the 11th season of ‘American Idol.’ They are allowing me to do something I don't typically get to do, add a little bit of that Spanish flavor that I have.”

(Jeremy sings in Spanish)

James Elliott:“With this we tried to bring in some elements of world music.”

James Tealy: “In the bridge on the song, it’s actually written in Shona.”

(Woman sings in Shona)

James Tealy: “And you can hear in the recording of the song about 750 children from a little school outside of Bulawayo, Zimbabwe singing along.”

(Locator: Bulawayo, Zimbabwe)

(Kids in Zimbabwe sing)

James Elliott: "I would love this song to really have an impact and to be an encouragement to people.”

Jeremy Rosado:  “I think music and worship is one of the most important parts. It gives me so much joy to think about the people they may try to cover it, the kids that try to sing it within the churches.”

James Tealy: “Songs allow us to connect kind of what we know about who God is, to what we feel about God. So it's always been an important part of life of the church that we might sing the truth that we believe. I want the church to be reminded of that. That the church wouldn’t be able to escape walking around singing ‘Our God is able!’ That’s my hope.”