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Transcript: Methodist History: Communion Cups


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Mark Shenise, The United Methodist General Commission on Archives and History:   “There’s been an evolution of how communion is distributed through the church through the ages. Of course, you had the common cup in the beginning. And, then by the late 19th century you went through these individual cups, very Victorian sort of thing to do. And, it was a fluted piece and it’s cut on a 45 degree angle. Now a company in Toronto figures this out really quick. ‘Why would you have an individual communion cup?’, real small like your crème de menthe or something that you’re gonna take at dinner, which they’re not gonna do. It’s the late Victorian period. That’s your clue. Because not only are you temperate in the Methodist Church, but you’re Victorian. Put away all appearances of evil. So with the individual communion cups cut on a level, you take that cup. What does it look like I just did? I’m at the bar. I’m taking a shot. I can now empty it. And, it only goes up and touches my nose. I am not throwing my head back and I’m not saying I’m aligned with Satan in demon drink."