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Transcript: Global Voices at General Conference: The Rev. Mujinga Kashala


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The Rev. Mujinga Kashala is a United Methodist pastor who serves the South-West Katanga Annual Conference in the South Congo Episcopal Area.

As a delegate for the 2016 United Methodist General Conference, she is pleased to have a role in shaping the denomination’s future.

The Rev. Mujinga Kashala (via translator): “The General Conference is really important in the whole of the church because it is at the General Conference that we amend laws of the church, that we modify and sometimes keep and maintain the rules and regulations. That is what is going to lead the church and direct the church.”

During planning as part of the Commission on General Conference, Kashala visited the Portland, Oregon Convention Center, nearly 9000 miles from her home.

The Rev. Mujinga Kashala (via translator): “At the Commission, I am the co-chair of the visioning committee. The church where I come from gave me the responsibility to be a leader at the General Conference. That is why I accepted to co-chair this committee.”

At General Conference, delegates from 130 annual conferences in Africa, the Philippines, Europe and the U.S. will pray and share ideas in many languages, yet try to speak with one voice.

The Rev. Mujinga Kashala (via translator): “It is important to listen and hear all the voices because the church is everywhere in the world and the voices will strengthen the church. It will encourage us to continue and do even better work. The sharing is very important.”