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Transcript: GC2016 Video Wrap: May 19


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Skyler Nimmons: “Greetings!” 

Isaac Broune: “Salut à tous!”

Skyler Nimmons: “I’m Skyler Nimmons, the Communications Director for the Indiana Conference.” 

Isaac Broune: “I’m Isaac Broune from Cote d’Ivoire, amd also the editor of the United Methodist French portal on”

Skyler Nimmons: “Today we are here with you from Portland, Oregon at our United Methodist General Conference, giving you another behind the scenes look at things you might not see on the live stream like here, where we are with Isaac.”  

Isaac Broune: “I work in the newsroom that includes languages like Korean and Asian, Portuguese and Spanish, French, and English of course.”

The newsroom also has a desk to curate information for our brothers and sisters of Native American communities.

Skyler Nimmons: “Thanks for being with us Isaac. We’ll see you soon. We also want to take some time to tell you about the others working behind the scenes to help delegates hear and understand everything that’s happening clearly.” 

For the first time, General Conference attendees can use an app to find an audio hotspot and wear headsets to hear simultaneous interpretation during plenaries as speakers use their language of choice.

This is also the first time a bishop may preside in languages other than English. 

And speaking of presiding bishops, here are highlights of recent legislative work: 

During a morning session, delegates celebrated the 60th anniversary of full clergy rights for women. 

And 29 missionaries were commissioned from 11 countries, and will be sent to 16 lands.

Delegates also recognized the 200th anniversary of the death of Francis Asbury, the pioneer of American Methodism. 

Legislation was approved to denounce sports teams that use Native American names in their marketing and branding.

After heavy debate, the body approved a petition to withdraw The United Methodist Church from the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice due to the organization’s stance on abortion rights. 

Delegates voted to update the language of the “Health care for all in the United States” entry in the Book of Resolutions.

New members of the Judicial Council were presented and the new president is from Liberia. This is the first time that the president has not been a United States citizen. 

And also, the Council of Bishops presented the retiring bishops for the Class of 2016 to the conference. 

Skyler Nimmons: “Now let’s take another look behind the scenes here in Portland of some people helping to tell the story and connect people to all that’s happening as the meeting is going on. I’m here with two American Sign Language interpreters. Mary, tell us a little more.”

Mary Harris: “Hi, I’m Mary Harris and I coordinate the sign language interpreters here. And one of those interpreter team members here is with me interpreting for me, Andrea Raye.”

Skyler Nimmons: “So, how do you all work?”

Mary Harris: “We work in teams and we follow the schedule of General Conference and we switch off every 20 minutes.”

Skyler Nimmons: “So, how many people are you servicing?” 

Mary Harris: “We don’t really know. We do have some delegates, many visitors, and we’re streaming online this year. So, that’s very exciting. We don’t know.”

Skyler Nimmons: “That’s so cool, thanks. So, we hope you’ll join us for the last day of General Conference. You can find us online at…”

Mary Harris: “…”

Skyler Nimmons: “And also continue the conversation with our official hashtag #gc2016.”

Skyler Nimmons: “Now, let’s say bye!”