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Transcript: GC2016 Video Wrap: May 18


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(Locator: Portland, Oregon)

Sheron Patterson: “Hi, I’m Sheron Patterson, the Communications Director for the North Texas Annual Conference.”

Skyler Nimmons: “And I’m Skyler Nimmons, Communications Director for the Indiana Conference. We’re here to give you a continued look at the behind-the-scenes action at General Conference 2016 and all the work that’s happening, votes and legislation, as well as some of the activities happening around the conference area.”

Sheron Patterson: “Right now, we’re in the Prayer Room. (whispers) We’re supposed to be quiet! All around us are beautiful stations for the delegates and others to come, pray and meditate away the stress and the agony of General Conference.”

Skyler Nimmons: “So let’s take a look at all that’s happened today, May 18.”

Singer: “Our God is able, more than able, to do more than we can ask or imagine.”

Sheron Patterson: “United Methodists have a new anthem, written to celebrate the success of our campaign to prevent deaths from malaria and the church’s dedication to abundant health for all.  “American Idol” contestant Jeremy Rosado led the singing of “God is Able” as dancers filled the room."

Skyler Nimmons: “In the morning session, delegates received a report from Bishop Bruce Ough and the Council of Bishops to create a path forward for the unity of the church on the issue of homosexuality. The proposal included a commission to study the issue on a global level and a potential special General Conference in 2018 or 2019."

(Bishop Bruce Ough at press conference)”We will not rebuild trust until there’s some way for every individual United Methodist and every individual bishop to feel they have a place to say ‘I am speaking with integrity and I am acting with integrity.’”

Skyler Nimmons: “There was a contentious debate, but in the end the proposal passed as originally presented and tabled the discussion of human sexuality legislation for the 2016 General Conference.”

Skyler Nimmons: “Cheyenne and Arapaho tribal members were part of a Wednesday evening report on how The United Methodist Church is working toward repentance for Methodist involvement in the Sand Creek Massacre of 1864 where tribal members were slaughtered.”

(Bishop Thomas Bickerton presiding) “Are you ready to vote?”

Skyler Nimmons: “Here are some of the other votes that have happened during the past few days.”

(Choir sings) “Come now fount of every blessing…”

Sheron Patterson: “The General Conference gave approval for two new groups to review and recommend material to be included in a new United Methodist Hymnal. It would be the first new hymnal since 1989.”

Sheron Patterson: “And, there were not enough votes to implement term limits for United Methodist bishops.”

Sheron Patterson: “And now for a little bit more of the behind-the-scenes information. We are not in the exhibit area. Here we have an array of exciting and interactive booths that come to us from a host of United Methodist groups and agencies.”

Skyler Nimmons: “From a full-sized bookstore to a meditative path, the booth area is a feast for the eyes and ears, and sometimes the sweet tooth!”

Sheron Patterson: “Hasn’t this been relaxing? Please tune in tomorrow for more General Conference and you can watch it all on live stream.”

Skyler Nimmons: “And remember you can follow all things General Conference at And also follow the conversation at our official hashtag, #umcgc. Now, how ‘bout that massage Sheron?”

Sheron Patterson: “Ahhh, I’m lovin’ this, I’m lovin’ this.”