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Transcript: GC2016 Video Wrap: May 17


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Skyler Nimmons: “Greetings from the 2016 General Conference! I’m Skyler Nimmons, the Communications Director of the Indiana Conference.”

Charmaine Robledo: “I’m Charmaine Robledo, the Director of Communications of the Mountain Sky Area.”

Skyler Nimmons: “Today we’re in a different part of the newsroom … the press briefing area or as I like to call it the United Methodist Situation Room.”

Charmaine Robledo: “Throughout the General Conference assembly, multiple press conferences are held in this area for greater insight on presentations and reports.”

Skyler Nimmons: “We also have a Digital Lounge for one-on-on video conversations to explore ideas more deeply with some of the leaders of our church.”

Charmaine Robledo: “Let’s take a look at what happened at General Conference Tuesday, May 17.”

Charmaine Robledo: “We started the day with an ecumenical worship service, including a celebration of the 200th birthday of the AME church who are part of our extended Methodist family.”

Skyler Nimmons: “During the first plenary session, Bishop Bruce Ough spoke for the Council of Bishops to address speculation and tensions about schism on church policies related to human sexuality.”

Bishop Bruce Ough: “I stand before you today on behalf of my episcopal colleagues to tell you I have a broken heart and that collectively we have a broken heart. We are therefore not advancing or advocating any plan of separation or reorganization of the denomination.”

(Bishop Ough at press conference) “We don’t create unity from structure. Fundamentally we create it through relationships which is why there has to be the space to build the relationships or rebuild the relationships. The Council of Bishops is in an interesting position within the life of the church because everybody wants us to lead provided we’re leading in their direction.”

The Rev. Adam Hamilton: “You have the right to call a special General Conference to focus on this particular issue of how do we find, how do we reorder our life so that we have a chance to move forward, whatever that looks like. We need you.”

Skyler Nimmons: “The Rev. Adam Hamilton was one of various delegates who pressed harder for the bishops to provide leadership on the issue. There was also an afternoon protest, in which people sang “Blest Be the Tie That Binds.”

Charmaine Robledo: “Most of the voting today was focused on legislation that could have financial implications for the next four years. You can even track legislation yourself at”

Skyler Nimmons: “For the first time in our history the Daily Christian Advocate is now in four languages. The DCA is the printed document by our Publishing House which holds the agenda for the current day and a verbatim journal of the previous day’s activities.”

Charmaine Robledo: “Not everything happens in the convention center: For the past few days United Methodists have been making an impact in and around Portland through acts of service. Today volunteers worked at the Portland Food Bank and even will be featured as on a September episode of TLC - The Learning Channel’s “Little People, Big World.”

Skyler Nimmons: “Thanks for watching and we hope to see you Wednesday.”

Charmaine Robledo: “Tune in tomorrow for a presentation on the live stream on the Sand Creek Massacre and Acts of Repentance.”

Skyler Nimmons: “And remember, to follow all things General Conference 2016 on our website at and follow along on the conversation online through our official hashtag #umcgc.”