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Transcript: GC2016 Video Wrap: May 16


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(Locator: Portland, Oregon)

Skyler Nimmons: “Welcome to the 2016 General Conference of The United Methodist Church, also known as the top policy-making body for our church. I’m Skyler Nimmons the Communications Director of the Indiana Conference.”

Mary Catherine Phillips: “I’m Mary Catherine Phillips, the Director of Communications for the Alabama-West Florida Conference. We’re here in Portland for Week Two of General Conference.”

Skyler Nimmons: “Every day we’ll be bringing you a behind-the-scenes view of General Conference, things you aren’t going to see on the live stream. So today we’ll be shooting in our newsroom, where church communicators like me and Mary Catherine spend a lot of our time telling the stories of General Conference to connect our churches to all that’s happening here in Portland.”

Mary Catherine Phillips: “Now let’s take a look back at the past few days of General Conference.”

Voice of Mary Catherine Phillips: “864 delegates and more than 2000 visitors from across the connection converged on the city of Portland, Oregon for the 2016 General Conference. During their first days, delegates and visitors participated in worship and eventually moved into the work of legislative committees. The body passed rules to organize the meeting and considered Rule 44, a new way to address various complex issues and legislation. However, after much debate Rule 44 was not passed.”

Skyler Nimmons: “Other events raised awareness about issues such as climate change, safe water, immigration, black lives matter, and LGBTQI rights.”

(Clip of Bishop Gregory Palmer speech) “I’m not sure of all of the means that we should employ on the journey to humility, but I am sure that prayer is the very first pathway.”

Skyler Nimmons: “The body was inspired by addresses from various leaders of the church including the laity and young people. Today we also celebrated the 150 years of United Methodist Women in ministry and the 250 years of the John Street United Methodist Church in New York. 26 Deaconesses and Home Missioners were also consecrated.”

Mary Catherine Phillips: “Special events and concerts are happening all over the place with some names that you may know including the Africa University Choir and even the Indigo Girls.”

Mary Catherine Phillips: “Thanks so much for joining us. There is so much more to tell you, so join us tomorrow.”

Skyler Nimmons: “Find out more at Or follow the conversation through social media with our official hashtag, #umcgc.”

Mary Catherine Phillips: “Get back to work.”

Skyler Nimmons: “Thanks.”