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Our Work: Worldwide Nature of the Church


The General Conference gave the Connectional Table (CT) the role and responsibility of enabling communication across the connection on matters related to our mission, vision and values as The United Methodist Church. This quadrennium, the CT has convened key conversations to better understand how our Church is configured in the many places where United Methodists are gathered. This worldwide nature of our denomination continues to be a key collaborative foci of the CT this quadrennium.

Guiding Values
  • Greater alignment of the connection for the mission of making Disciples of Jesus Christ.
  • Deeper connections throughout the Church.
  • More equitable sharing of our God-given gifts.

The work of the Worldwide Nature of The United Methodist Church has been ongoing since the uniting conference of 1968. The predecessor bodies of The United Methodist Church took very different approaches as they sought to expand the American Methodist movement beyond the United States. Over the last two quadrennia, the Connectional Table has taken the lead in being a facilitating and connecting body for much of the work related to being a worldwide denomination.

In our role of discerning and articulating the vision and stewarding the mission of The United Methodist Church as directed by General Conference, we have communicated a vision of becoming a more authentic worldwide connection. The 2013-2016 Connectional Table focused on lifting core values from ¶ 125 of the Book of Discipline. This body was guided by these values as we sought to live into our worldwide nature in partnership with the Standing Committee on Central Conference Matters, the Committee on Faith and Order and the Council of Bishops.

The Worldwide Nature Group will have three advisory groups who will direct the research, gather and analyze the data, and communicate the results so that leaders across the connection can make informed decisions about governance and stewardship and make recommendations to General Conference in line with CT’s essential functions. Key partnerships in the worldwide nature work area include the Standing Committee on Central Conference Matters, the Council of Bishops, the General Council on Finance and Administration, and the general program agencies of The United Methodist Church.