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Our Work: Highlights for 2013–2016 Quadrennium


Worldwide Nature of the Church

The work of the Connectional Table this quadrennium has been to engage in efforts to better understand how our Church is configured in the many place where United Methodists are gathered, and how we can continue our mission faithfully in these places. The partnerships and activities of the Connectional Table show that there is a shift from a US-centered denomination to one that is truly worldwide. The Connectional Table and the Council of Bishops have deeply engaged in these conversations and are committed to making our strategy, goal setting, and overall mission more relevant to the worldwide connection.

Work of the Connectional Table over the quadrennium:


Vital Congregations/Four Areas of Focus and Strategic Directions

Aligning the United Methodist Church for greater missional impact has been, and will continue to be, at the heart of the work of the Connectional Table. This quadrennium, the Connectional Table, together with the Council of Bishops, formed a collaboration group on vital congregations, which serves as the key body responsible for connecting our strategies and building relationships among those working collaboratively in vital congregations bearing fruit in the Four Areas of Focus. This body discerns and affirms goals for strategic directions in our pursuit to increase vital congregations through these focus areas for our church in the next quadrennium.

Progress reports on these goals were offered and affirmed by the Council of Bishops and the Connectional Table in early 2015. These emerging strategies have generated enthusiasm and collaborative energy for the work of grounding the church in our core values as a worldwide connection. The Connectional Table remains committed to developing these goals and the strategies that support them. These are all a part of a vision for the next quadrennium. 


Conversations on Emerging Issues

The Connectional Table is given the function of listening to the expression of need and addressing emerging issues. This quadrennium the CT engaged in a process of listening and understanding the topic of homosexuality.

Work of the Connectional Table over the quadrennium:


Follow up on Legislation from 2012

During the 2012 General Conference several pieces of legislation were referred to the Connectional Table. Read the update on these referrals.


World Service Contingency Fund Grants for 2013-2016

This past quadrennium, the Connectional Table approved nearly $1 million in contingency funds to the general program agencies to support emerging ministries focused on increasing vital congregations through the Four Areas of Focus and expanding our ministry capacity as a worldwide connection. Visit the link below to read a summary of the grants and the ministries they supported.

Connectional Table executive summary of 2013-2016 World Service contingency grants

To learn more about each grant, download the full report submitted to the Connectional Table;