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In the Aftermath of 9-11

Minneapolis, MN
April 28 - May 3, 2002

Whereas, the events of September 11 have changed the political atmosphere and the maintenance of world peace, and Whereas, the United Methodist Church in its Social Principles has previously addressed the ethical issues of nuclear weapons, ABMs, and utilization of first strike nuclear weapons, and

Whereas, we now witness: (a) the potential development and testing of new nuclear weapons; (b) the cancellation of the ABM agreement, and (c) the threatened utilization of first strike nuclear weapons, and

Whereas, under the heading of "war against terrorism," ethical restraint has been compromised;

Therefore Be It Resolved that:

A. The Council of Bishops will be persistent in seeking an audience with President Bush to share with him the voice of the U.M.C. on the concerns noted above, and as articulated in our Book of Discipline 2000, and our Book of Resolutions 2000.

B. We urge all bishops, active and retired, to seek ecumenical and interfaith venues to express and embody the values, principles and positions of The Book of Discipline 2000 and The Book of Resolution 2000.