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2016 Hungary Provisional Annual Conference


The Hungary Provisional Annual Conference met April 14-17, 2016, at Budapest-Obuda United Methodist Church. The presiding bishop was Bishop Patrick Streiff.

Some highlights:

• Having served as Superintendent of the United Methodist Church in Hungary for 20 years, the Rev. István Csernák handed over his duties to Rev. László A. Khaled. The Superintendent will retire in October 2016.
Guests from the Reformed Church, the Lutheran Church, the Roman-Catholic Church, the Baptist Church and the Salvation Army as well as government officials participated in the celebrations related to this changeover. It was a proof of the important part the small United Methodist Church in Hungary is playing in regard to interchurch relationships and social relevance.

• Guests from Germany, Switzerland, and the United States made visible that the UMC in Hungary is not an isolated organization but a vital part of a worldwide connection.

• The UMC in Hungary is very mission-oriented – this became particularly visible in the report of the so-called Mission Council, which coordinates a variety of mission activities: ministries with women, youth and children, ministries with Roma, international church partnerships and a colorful media ministry (publication of magazines and books, radio and TV programs).

• The Forrai Secondary Grammar and Vocational School specializing in Art, which was taken over by the UMC in Hungary a few years ago, also offers some unique mission opportunities. Both the school and the United Methodist ministries (pastoral care, religious education, camps, etc.) develop very well – and the Forrai School is an area where sharing faith with people with very diverse backgrounds can be practiced.

• Given the strong commitment to mission, it is no surprise that the focus theme of the 2017 Annual Conference meeting will be on “Generation Z.”

One new local pastor was commissioned, another will start his internship later this year.

Membership stands at 466 (up 9 from the previous year); worship attendance stands at 1,369 (down 77 from the previous year).

Urs Schweizer

Assistant to the Bishop

The United Methodist Church
Central Conference of Central and Southern Europe