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General Conference 2016: Live Stream Help


Q: Will the live stream be available for viewing/downloading at a later date?
A: Yes. Our goal is to have each plenary session, address, and worship session available within 24 hours on the General Conference 2016 Multimedia page. Other video and audio features may be found there as well.

NOTE: The downloadable versions will be average quality due to file size considerations. For those on-site at General Conference, please visit the United Methodist Communications booth in Hall A.  Higher quality versions suitable for editing will be available for purchase on USB drives.

Q: I have not seen anything streamed in a long time.
A: For the first week of General Conference, streaming will primarily take place in the morning. After lunch, delegates will be in individual committees, which are not streamed.  Please check the streaming schedule below the video player for the latest updates:


Q: The video is buffers/stutters/stops regularly.
A: Some viewers have reported that the American Sign Language feed works better in some instances. Alternately, try adjusting the video quality per the steps in the Q&A below.

Q: The video is blurry / blocky / low quality.
A: Viewers will see the ability to adjust which quality they watch in the bottom right corner of the live player. By default, 'Auto' is selected, which automatically adjusts the stream based on the strength of the connection.

Viewers can choose to manually adjust the quality of the stream they're viewing by clicking the quality icon, and then selecting which of the available qualities they want to watch the stream in. The player will not adapt to changing connection speeds if viewers do this, so if their connection slows down, they may experience buffering and would have to switch to a lower quality manually.

Note: This option is only available on desktop browsers. Other viewing apps (mobile app, Roku, etc.) will always adapt to the best possible quality based on connection strength.

Q: I hear an echo in the audio
A: This is usually due to having two browser windows/tabs open simultaneously with the live stream playing. Close one of the windows.

Q: I have a question about the live stream not addressed here.
A: Please contact Infoserv and someone will respond as soon as possible.