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General Conference 2016: Digital Lounge


Welcome to the Digital Lounge where United Methodist leaders and newsmakers pull up a chair for a casual conversation about what's going on behind the scenes of General Conference 2016.

Digital Lounge: Dr. Olusimbo Ige shares Abundant Health plans

Dr. Olusimbo Ige shares information on the Abundant Health: Our Promise To Children campaign that launched at General Conference. View

Digital Lounge: The Rev. Fred Day discusses the life and ministry of Francis Asbury

In recognition of the 200th anniversary of Francis Asbury’s death, the Rev. Fred Day shares the story of Asbury’s mission and ministry. View

Digital Lounge: Jeremy Rosado celebrates Imagine No Malaria in song

Recording artist Jeremy Rosado discusses “Able,” a song debuted during the Imagine No Malaria celebration and Abundant Health launch at General Conference. View

Digital Lounge: Dr. Christoph Benn discusses the Global Fund’s partnership with United Methodists

Dr. Christoph Benn shares a message of immense gratitude to the people of The United Methodist Church for their unique partnership through the Imagine No Malaria campaign. View

Digital Lounge: 200th Anniversary of the AME Church

The AME Church celebrates 200 years of ministry in 2016, including a rich history as champions of justice and equality. View

Digital Lounge: John Street Church celebrates 250 years of ministry

From before the American Revolution to today, John Street Church has been ministering and offering healing to the people of New York City. View

Digital Lounge: Commissioning of Home Missioners and Deaconesses

John Jessup Peterson and more than thirty other individuals will be consecrated as a home missioner or deaconess during General Conference. View

Digital Lounge: Tara Barnes discusses United Methodist Women Day

May 16 is United Methodist Women Day - a time of celebration for the organization’s 150th anniversary in 2019. View

Digital Lounge: The Rev. Karen Nelson, Northwest Experience Coordinator

The Rev. Karen Nelson, coordinator of the Northwest Experience, shares information about a number of service opportunities in Portland during General Conference. View

Digital Lounge: Bishop Bruce Ough becomes President of the Council of Bishops

With a symbolic passing of the gavel from Bishop Warner H. Brown, Jr., Bishop Bruce R. Ough became the new president of the Council of Bishops. View

Digital Lounge: Bari Beasley discusses the General Conference Exhibits

Exhibitors are hosting booths and distributing information to the 3,500 General Conference attendees. The effort is about more than giveaways – it’s about opportunities. View

Digital Lounge: Bishop Gwinn and Bishop Wallace-Padgett discuss General Conference prayer efforts

131 days of continuous, worldwide prayer led up to General Conference; now the prayer focus is continuing throughout the conference thanks to bishops and their spouses. View

Digital Lounge: Bill Haden, chairman of Portland Host Committee for General Conference

Bill Haden, chairman of the Portland Host Committee for General Conference, discusses his job of recruiting and training more than 600 volunteers. View

Digital Lounge: Dan Krause on UMCom’s Role

Dan Krause, chief executive of UMCom, discusses the behind the scenes activities and innovations that keep General Conference hi-tech and on track. View

Digital Lounge: Don Messer and Linda Bales Todd with the Global AIDS Fund

How the AIDS/HIV epidemic has changed through the years and how the work of the Global AIDS Fund continues to offer hope. View

Digital Lounge: Sara Hotchkiss, Business Manager of General Conference 2016

In this episode of Digital Lounge, Sara Hotchkiss gives a behind-the-scenes look at her role in making General Conference happen. View

Digital Lounge: Laura Jaquith Bartlett, Worship Director for General Conference

Laura Jaquith Bartlett, Worship Director for General Conference, offers insight into her role of coordinating the various worship and music events. View