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Rev. Dr. Amy Valdez Barker, Executive Secretary of the Connectional Table, explains the function and format of #CTTalks.

#CTTalks: Conversations about General Conference

Topic Schedule
  • Oct. 2015: General Conference Culture 

  • Nov. 2015: Christian Conferencing

  • Dec. 2015: Vital Congregations (¶ 120)

  • Jan. 2016:
    Worldwide Nature: Our Theology

  • Feb. 2016: Worldwide Nature:Our Organization/Structure

  • Mar. 2016: Human Sexuality

  • Apr. 2016: Vital Congregations, Four Strategic Directions for 2017–2020

  • May 6: Welcome to Portland

The Connectional Table is launching a series of weekly videos to help inform United Methodist church leaders and General Conference delegates leading up to the 2016 General Conference next May. The videos are part of an online forum called #CTTalks.

The #CTTalks forum is designed to be used by delegations and annual conferences as they study and discuss issues that will be addressed at General Conference 2016. These weekly posts will include interviews with United Methodist bishops, Connectional Table members, and other leaders from across the denomination.

Each video will also be accompanied by a one-page conversation sheet with FAQs on the topic, as well as questions for delegates to use to continue the dialogue. 

Delegates are invited to ask questions of the interviewees in advance via Twitter using the hashtag #CTTalks. Individual delegates and entire delegations can use the resource to help prepare for General Conference.


#CTTalks 1: General Conference Culture

The Rev. Gere Reist, Secretary of General Conference, and Judi Kenaston, Chair of the Commission on General Conference, discuss the vision for General Conference, the membership, and the agenda. View

#CTTalks 2: Christian Conferencing

Bishop Sharon Zimmerman Rader and Bishop Christian Alsted, both representatives from the Committee on Faith and Order, discuss how Christian Conferencing is central to our Wesleyan identity. View

#CTTalks 3: Vital Congregations

Bishop Sally Dyck, Global Ministries’ General Secretary Thomas Kemper, and Bishop Rodolfo Alfonso Juan explore how engagement in the ministries of the Four Areas of Focus produces vital congregations. View

#CTTalks 4: Worldwide Nature — Our Theology

Bishops David Yemba, Patrick Streiff, and Rodolfo Alfonso Juan examine our ecclesiology, our theology, and our missiology in a worldwide context. View

#CTTalks 5: Worldwide Nature — Structure

Connectional Table board members Benedita Penicela (Mozambique), Fred Brewington (Northeast Jurisdiction), and Ole Birch (Denmark) discuss legislation that proposes a process for structuring and aligning ourselves as a worldwide connection. View

#CTTalks 6: Human Sexuality

This month's videos highlight the work done by The Connectional Table and the Council of Bishops over the last quadrennium related to matters of human sexuality. View

#CTTalks 7: Stronger Together — Strategic Directions for 2017-2020

This month's videos will focus on four key issues as The United Methodist Church looks ahead to ministry together in the coming years: mission, resources, stewardship and vision. View