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#CTTalks 5: Worldwide Nature — Structure


Coming in March: 
Human sexuality


Continuing the conversation around key topics related to General Conference 2016, The Connectional Table begins a month-long series on Vital Congregations as part of the #CTTalks online forum. 

Beginning Tuesday, February 2, 2016, a video will be posted each week that examines our ecclesiology, our theology, and our missiology in a worldwide context.

Connectional Table board members Benedita Penicela (Mozambique), Fred Brewington (Northeast Jurisdiction), and Ole Birch (Denmark) discuss legislation that proposes a process for structuring and aligning ourselves as a worldwide connection. 

The Connectional Table invites anyone who is interested in the topic to participate via Twitter by using the hashtag #CTTalks. 


CTTalks 5, Wk 1: We Are in This Together

Connectional Table members share their reflections on the values that have guided them in their work on becoming a more authentic worldwide church. View

CTTalks 5, Week 2: A Vital Connection

In this video, we examine the current landscape of our worldwide connection and look at some of the conversations and changes already taking place in jurisdictions. View

CTTalks 5, Week 3: Our Worldwide Connection — The Fruit of Our Labors

Our growth as a worldwide connection is a result of our history as a mission movement, a people dedicated to spreading the good news of Jesus Christ across the world. View

CTTalks 5, Week 4: An Even Bigger Opportunity to be the Body of Christ

Current and future leaders from some of our United Methodist seminaries reflect on the blessings and challenges of living into our worldwide nature as The United Methodist Church. View