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#CTTalks 4: Worldwide Nature — Our Theology


Coming in February: 
Worldwide Nature: Structure


Continuing the conversation around key topics related to General Conference 2016, The Connectional Table begins a month-long series on Vital Congregations as part of the #CTTalks online forum. 

Beginning Monday, January 4, 2016, a video will be posted each week that examines our ecclesiology, our theology, and our missiology in a worldwide context.

Bishops David Yemba (Central Congo Area), Patrick Streiff (Central and Southern Europe Area), and Rodolfo Alfonso Juan (Manila Area) will share the vision for a General Book of Discipline in 2020 and the work that is needed as we move towards living as a more authentic worldwide connection. 

The Connectional Table invites anyone who is interested in the topic to participate via Twitter by using the hashtag #CTTalks. 


CTTalks 4, Wk 1:  The Value of a Worldwide Connection for the 21st Century Church

Bishops Yemba, Streiff, and Juan share the vision for a General Book of Discipline in 2020 and the work needed to move toward being an authentic worldwide connection. View

CTTalks 4, Wk 2:  Blessings and Challenges of a Worldwide Connection

Bishops Streiff and Yemba share their experiences of serving in Central Conferences and how our worldwide connection has changed over time. View

CTTalks 4, Wk 3: Working Towards a General Book of Discipline

As delegates study the legislation around a General Book of Discipline, it is important to understand what is essential to maintaining our worldwide connection versus what pieces are adaptive and... View

CTTalks 4, Wk 4: Frequently Asked Questions about a General Book of Discipline

What are some of the questions being asked regarding a General Book of Discipline? What are the essential values delegates need to have as they prepare for General Conference 2016? View