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#CTTalks 2: Christian Conferencing


Coming in December: 
Vital Congregations

Continuing the conversation around key topics related to General Conference 2016, The Connectional Table begins a month-long series on Christian Conferencing as part of the #CTTalks online forum.

Beginning Monday, November 2, a video will be posted each week that addresses the principles of Christian Conferencing for delegations to use these as they gather together to prepare for General Conference. Bishop Sharon Zimmerman Rader and Bishop Christian Alsted, both representatives from the Committee on Faith and Order, discuss how Christian Conferencing is central to our Wesleyan identity.

The Connectional Table invites anyone who is interested in the topic to participate via Twitter by using the hashtag #CTTalks. 


CTTalks 2, Week 1:  What does Christian Conferencing mean to you?

Bishop Sharon Zimmerman Rader and Bishop Christian Alsted share what Christian conferencing means and how Wesleyan history and theology shapes their understanding of this means of grace. View

CTTalks 2, Week 2: Improving Christian Conferencing at General Conference 2016

How can we approach Christian conferencing not as something we do but as a way of being at all times? Learn about the important role of listening in Christian conferencing. View

CTTalks 2, Week 3: Christian Conferencing, an Exercise in Community

Bishop Rader and Bishop Alsted talk this week about how teaching conferencing and listening skills is vital preparation for General Conference. View

CTTalks 2, Week 4: Christian Conferencing — It Takes Practice!

Christian Conferencing requires a willingness to be open, to listen deeply, and to learn and be changed by what we encounter. View